Strategy and objectives

Aalberts Industries is a technology company

We are building leading niche market positions in defined businesses focusing on ten end markets. With 15,338 employees, Aalberts Industries operates from more than 200 locations in more than 30 countries.

Linked Strategy 2015-2018

Achieving sustainable and profitable growth

our approach

Achieving leading niche positions by focusing on businesses and technologies with sustainable profitable growth potential, delivering high added value for our customers

Improve defined
market positions

Accelerating organic growth, increasing game changing innovations and making selective acquisitions to strengthen our businesses and core technologies

Improve profitability continuously

Creating a passion for operational excellence to generate high operational profit margins and continuously convert our improved operational execution into more free cash flow

Use group

Exchanging manufacturing technology, innovations, working methods and know-how, utilising our global network of locations


Global technology company with clear growth drivers

Building leading niche market positions

Worldwide leading niche technology-end market positions

in the defined businesses with strong brand names serving a variety of global end markets

Creating sustainable profitable growth

Creating sustainable
profitable growth

in earnings per share with a good spread in businesses, technologies, end markets and geographical regions with good growth potential

>Generating high-added-value margins

Generating high-added-value margins

by driving our Operational Excellence programme, providing excellent services close to our customers and continuously driving innovations

Converting strong operational execution into free cash flow

Converting strong operational execution
into free cash flow

to reinvest in selected businesses and technologies, with disciplined allocation of capital, to accelerate organic growth, innovations and acquisitions

Financial objectives

Financial objectives

Solvability > 40%
Leverage ratio < 2.5
EBITA margin > 12%
Free cash flow conversion ratio > 70%
ROCE > 16%

The aalberts way

Winning with people

Be an entrepreneur

We explore and make dreams happen. We adapt and innovate with a clear focus on our customers.

Take ownership

We are responsible for achieving our own commitments.

Go for excellence

We are passionate, self-critical and persistent in everything we do. And we deliver results.

Share and learn

We learn from each other by being professional and open-minded. We get better every day.

Act with integrity

We lead by example, act transparently and speak up.

Our businesses

Four businesses with focus on ten end markets

Building Installations manufactures and markets complete connection systems and valves to distribute and control water or gas in heating, cooling, (drinking) water, gas and sprinkler systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Strong focus on installers, contractors and wholesalers.


Climate Control develops and manufactures complete hydronic systems – from source to emitter – for heating and cooling systems. The systems are designed for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, both new build and renovation.

Strong focus on building owners, specifying institutes and developers.


Industrial Controls develops, engineers and manufactures systems to regulate and control gasses and liquids for specific niche applications. These technology-end market combinations are characterised by an increasing demand for high value and custom made, engineered solutions.

Strong focus on engineers and (global) Key Accounts.


Industrial Services offers a unique combination of advanced material technology know-how, highly specialised manufacturing expertise and a global network of locations with excellent local knowledge and service.

Strong focus on regional customers, engineers and (global) Key Accounts.


Global footprint

We operate from 211 locations in 34 countries

122 Western & Northern Europe
12 Southern Europe
32 Eastern Europe
28 North America
2 Middle East & Africa
14 Far East
1 Oceania


Many positive developments in 2016

Operational review

We delivered sustainable, profitable growth and futher increased our free cash flow